8 Benefits of Leaflet Distribution and Leaflet Delivery for Your Business

8 Benefits of Leaflet Delivery and Leaflet Distribution.

When you come back from holiday, what’s one of the first things you do?

If it’s checking your post/letterbox then you’re in good company, with 76% of Irish consumers doing the same thing.

In a fast-moving world, post/letterbox is a constant in our lives, with a massive 87% of people putting time aside to read it every day.  And as the only medium that puts your message directly into the hands of your target audience, it’s not surprising more marketers are choosing Leaflet Distribution all the time.

Here are just some of the reasons why your business can grow using the leaflet delivery advantage…

Are you talking to me?

If you want to say the same thing to everyone, TV, radio or press advertising is ideal. But if you want to talk to a smaller group of people, then Leaflet Distribution is more targeted and cost-effective. Use your data cleverly to decide who gets what message and when they get it.

Me, myself and I.

We all like when people remember things we’ve told them about us. Our favourite hurling team, where we went on holidays. Personalisation is a way of showing your customers that you remember what they told you and that you know it’s important. It goes way beyond getting their name right – that’s a given – tailoring the message or the creative to appeal to your target audience will show them you care enough to give them individual attention.

Touchy Feely.

We’ve more ways to communicate in Ireland than ever before, and in a virtual world, Leaflet Delivery is one of the only ways to get a tangible message into your audience’s hands. This opens up a whole world of creative options to engage their five senses – why not post something they can smell, hear and taste as well as touch and see?

The bottom line.

As well as engaging the five senses, with Leaflet Delivery you don’t need a sixth one to see if it worked. By using simple techniques like a unique phone number or e-mail address you can easily track what enquiries were generated. And at a time when every marketing euro needs to count, seeing how you did is more important than ever.

Easy does it.

You don’t need a huge budget to hire a Direct Marketing expert to get a good campaign off the ground. All you need is something to say and people to say it to. There are lots of excellent and free websites providing tips and tricks with easy to use design software or even templates to build a campaign. Have a good search online before you get started.

It adds up.

Lots of research has been done on Leaflet Distribution in Ireland and 87% of it is read, filed or passed on with one in five responding. With stats like that, it doesn’t add up not to use it. (*Source, DMA)

We’re in this together.

Sometimes marketing can seem like another huge task. Press advertising or online? Leaflet Distribution or e-mail? The most successful campaigns will use more than one channel, taking into account who and where your audience is and making the message as relevant as possible. Stats show that used correctly, Leaflet Delivery will increase responses from your other media as well!

The sky’s the limit.

Well, the front door is really. Once your leaflet can get through the door and into the hands of your audience you can send anything you want.

Remember the five senses and think about what would work to bring your message to life.

Creativity is key, whether it’s a postcard or a blow-up sofa.

Think about the different things you’ve received or check out our website for some ideas on what’s worked for other companies.